Rédaction en anglais: In your opinion, is a job more important than private life?

 In your opinion, is a job more important than private life?

          Combining the job and the private life is a dilemma. To my knowledge, privileging the job or the private life depends on the job and each human being.

       Indeed, some people love their job and they dedicate their life in it. For instance, the people who work for a humanitarian organization or the doctors are devoted to their job because it is a passion. They work very hard and they neglect the private life, but it is their choice. In my opinion, my job is very important to me. Actually, I am a soldier and it is my life, my way out. I work very hard but I don’t regret it. Moreover, I need to work to earn my life. If I lose  my job I won’t able to provide for my needs.

        However, my job is not more important than my private life.  My family is my priority in life and I understand the people who prefer working little more in order to spend more time with their family. About me, even I have a lot of work, I reserve some time to my children and my wife.

       In conclusion, the both are linked and in my opinion, you must try to reconcile the both and find a balance between the job and the private family.

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