Synthèse anglais Myths and Heroes

I am going to deal with the notion of Myths and Heroes. A myth is usually a popular belief or story that explains natural or social phenomenon and which often involves fabulous being or events. Every culture has its own myths. For instance, the Greeks thought that when there was a storm it means that Zeus was angry. A hero is a person who is admired for his achievements and his example qualities. We will analyze different kinds of heroes and myths in order to define the notion.

I Heroes

Heroes are people who accomplished great actions and represent our fundamental values meaning courage, kindness, generosity and so on.

Those men dedicated themselves to others, and brought peace and justice to their land, so they were heroes. Gandhi is an example of heroes. Gandhi was born in Gujarat, Western India in 1869. After studying law in London, he fought for setting free India from British Empire. Gandhi was a non-violent activist and he decided to organize the civil disobedience movement. This movement wants to fight for the independence, organizing boycotts of British goods and by protest marches against British measures such as the salt tax. Gandhi was imprisoned by the British but he does not give up. He went on a hunger strike to support this cause. Unfortunately, he was assassinated by a fanatic because of his tolerance. Shortly after, Indian became Independent in 1948.

Gandhi is a hero because he is brave and he sacrificed his life from the Independence of India. We considered him as hero also because of his peaceful resistance that he preached during his fight. Moreover, he inspired later other heroes such as Martin Luther King who fought the rights of blacks in the USA.

We admire heroes because it gives us hope and courage. Beside, that aspect of the hero is sometimes used for propaganda. During the cold war, the two superpowers use heroes to show their strength. Stakhanov was a hero throughout the country because of his records in extraction of coal.

II Myths

Now I am going to talk about myths. Every myth is based on true facts. The first idea that comes to my mind is obviously the founding myths from Greek mythology.

-Still today some myths exist and people believe in them. For instance, the myth of the American Dream is a modern myth.

The American dream means that all people living in the United States can, by his work, and his courage, success even started with nothing. Several people embody this myth.

Bill Gates is also a myth of the American dream. He started not with nothing and now he is the richest in the world. Barack Obama also embodies this myth.

Anyway, The American dream is one of the biggest reason for which people migrate to USA. They think that in America they will become rich and they will success. Barack Obama embodies this myth and that also migrants can success. Actually, Barack Obama is black and his father is from Kenyan. He shows to the world that in the USA even a black can success. However, to become American we need to get the green card and it is not simple. Indeed, the reality is quite different from the myth. If some migrants success, other does not have this chance.

To conclude, Heroes are legends, people who accomplished great actions and represent our fundamental values meaning courage, kindness, generosity and so on. Even if

we are still amazed by the heroes of the past, we like the fact that our new heroes are regular people and whose stories are actually true.

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    J’ai trouver ta synthèse très intéressante. J’ai juste une question, somme nous obliger de reprendre les exemples vu en cours ou non ? merci pour ta réponse 🙂

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