Synthèse anglais The idea of Progress

The notion I am going to deal is the idea of Progress. What is Progress? Progress means improvement: we can talk about technological, medical, social or Political progress. Progress has for purpose to make our life better. Thus, there is a variety of progress but I am going to be focused on technological and social progress.

I Technological Progress Pros and drawbacks

First of all, lets talk about technological progress. Nowadays, technology is everywhere and has made our life easier thanks to devices such as microwave oven, running water, dishwaters or computers. Nowadays, we spend less time on housework for instance, and have more time to do other.

Besides, technology has thus, played an important part in the emancipation of the women in the society. Otherwise, technology progress has absolutely changed our way to communicate and the access to information. A lot of us in particular the teenagers spend more time to communicate virtually than talking to friends in real life. We studied a document from History News Network that explained the teenagers today are addicted to the mobile phone and send about three thousand text messages per months. The article explains also the problem is half of todays teenagers dont read book. Thanks to the Internet Revolution we change the way to communicate with the social networks and the access to the information.

We can communicate instantly with our friends who are at the other end of the planet. Technology also changed the education. We studied one document from Washington Times Magazine that explained South Korea is going to lead way to paperless classroom and teach only with computers and tablets. Strange, isnt it? Maybe, but several surveys have shown that students in paperless classrooms have better grades than normal classrooms as in Mooresville.

Those results may be explained by the fun and attractive aspect of technology on education. Digital learning has therefore beneficial effects.

Technological progress has thus advantages but also some risks. Fukushima disaster has shown to the world the dangers of nuclear energy. Moreover, progress also generates pollution problems. We should pay more attention to the impact of new technologies on the biosphere if they do not want to repeat the errors of the past. Therefore, we have to be careful.

II Medical Progress

Besides, due to medical progress we developed vaccines and medicines which cure a lot of mortal diseases. Diseases like polio which have taken thousands of lives in the past are today almost eradicated. Thus, people live longer and in better health.

However, sometimes medical advances pose ethical problems. For instance, we can manipulate embryos and couples can choose the gender of their baby.

III Social Progress

Now, I would like to talk about on other kind of Progress, social progress. Social Progress is also diversified but I am going to be focused on the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women. The abolition of slavery was a major breakthrough. For the free slaves it was the first step toward freedom. Although they were free, they were second-class citizens. They were discriminated against the whites. They had to sit at the back of buses and were separated from the whites. There were not allowed to go to white school and universities. Fortunately, some people refused this inequality and they decided to fight for their rights. That was the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King.

Lets talk now about women liberation. Women knew a big change in their rights during the 20th century. Women struggled for their rights and some women were put in prison for defending their rights. We studied a document in class that showed a woman who had been arrested for that in England. Once in prison, she went on hunger strike therefore she was forced-fed. After the begging of the First World War, during which they replaced men who went to war, women were allowed to vote in several countries such as The United Kingdom. However, in France women could vote only from 1944. Nowadays, the women have the same rights as men but there are still inequalities. For instance, there is inequality in wages.

To conclude, progress is an improvement that makes our life better. Even if there are drawbacks such as pollution, I think that progress is essential and I hope there will be more advances in the future

Jonathan Zribi

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