Synthèse Spaces and Exchanges


The notion I am going to deal with is Spaces and Exchanges. Nowadays, the different spaces of the worlds are connected with each other and they exchange. The first thing that comes to my mind is globalization. Today, there are migrations, communications, and trade between all countries in the world. Actually, the progress of transportation and telecommunications has accelerated the rhythm of exchanges.

As Paul Auster wrote, we are the product of prehistoric migrations. Therefore, Ill talk about colonization, immigration and globalization.


First of all, I am going to talk about migrations of people. Globalization has increased migrations but they have always existed.

Actually, the humans being always want to discover new territories. It is in his nature. Thus, the humans sought to conquer new territories. For instance, Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Shortly after, a lot of people decided to settle there. The country of the United States of America is thus, the product of movement of people. That country was actually founded by migrants from France, Spain, Netherland and the UK. Then, Triangular trade has formed the important African community in the USA. Besides, during the 20th century, the Europeans colonized Africa.

These different colorizations of territories changed culture and language of the colonized territory. The Native and migrants encounter and that is why Paul wrote that we are the product of migrations. All these migrations explained the multicultural world of today.

This will to conquer the world continue until Space with the first step on the Moon in 1969.

Today, students also are in search of new territories, new cultures and languages. After finishing secondary school, an increasing number of students choose to take a gap year in order to travel and discover another country.


Now, I am going to talk about immigration. A long time ago in particular during the Industrial Revolution and The glorious thirty, immigration was necessary for countries. They needed labor force. Thus, the industrial countries such as the USA or European countries, have welcomed a lot of migrants.
However, nowadays, immigration poses a problem in developed countries. Because of the crisis, they cant welcome all the migrants. The USA is for instance is a country which refused a very important number of migrants. Migrants think that in the USA all is possible. Everybody has in his mind the Myth of the American Dream: everyone can become rich with hard work and determination. That is why, some migrants who want to settle in the USA at all costs and decide to cross the border illegally. They risk their life to cross the border. The number of illegal immigrants entering the US from Mexico is falling. The border between Mexico and the USA is the most crossed over in the world.

Thus, the USA refuses a lot of migrants even if it is a chance for country. In fact, we studied a text that explains the migrants boost the economy. Four out of ten of our largest companies, for example, were founded by immigrants or their children, including Yahoo, Intel, Google or Ebay. Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google is from Russia. The co-founder of Yahoo is from Taiwan.


Finally, we can explain this notion without talking about globalization. Nowadays, we are in a global world. This means most of things we consume are made overseas thanks to the progress of transportation and telecommunications. Globalization does not concern only economic exchanges but also culture. We all have access to foreign cultures through books, movies, music or food. Foreign food is trendy. The American Way of life in particular was spread to the whole world. Coca cola and Macdonald are emblematic of this culture. Today, colonization is over but through migrations people exchange their customs, ways of life. For instance, Asians try to adopt Western style fashion. We have access to foreign cultures thanks to the Internet. Moreover, low cost travelling has enabled millions people to fly all over the world. We can see for instance an increasing number of Asians tourists in Europe.

To conclude, today the different parts of the world are connected with each other. We are in global world where we exchange everything with everyone of the world. Because of different migrations, the countries are multicultural. This global world is due to the progress of transportation and telecommunications which have accelerated the rhythm of exchanges.

Jonathan Zribi

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